Mr. McBrien

Welcome to Mr. McBrien's Physical Education Class

Welcome to  Physical Education at Liberty High School. I am excited to have this opportunity to teach you/your child remotely this semester.   It is within this class that you/your child will have the opportunity to be physically active and gain the knowledge and life skills necessary to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • Personal Fitness, Benefits of Exercise and Health Risk Factors
  • Components of Fitness
  • Guidelines for Exercise
  • Principles of Exercise Training
  • Flexibility, Cardiovascular Fitness, and Muscular Fitness
  • Nutrition


  • Check your email daily.
  • Go to google classroom everyday and indicate (hello, good morning, I’m here, etc…) that you’re present for attendance; Or, use your DOE email to send me ( an email everyday for daily attendance.
  • Visit my teacher page on the school website and my google classroom daily for assignments
  • Perform exercises daily.
  • Submit daily exercise logs via email according to the format provided. 
  • Complete all assignments by the due dates. All assignments must be the student's original work.
  • Ask questions to help clear up any misunderstandings with the course content.
  • Demonstrate responsible and respectful  behavior at all times.


Living a Healthy Lifestyle



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