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AP Environmental Science 1 & 2 : Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

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Thursday, 3/27

Hope everyone is safe and well. Thanks for all your thoughtful responses to the coronavirus and habitat destruction article on the Flipgrid!

Your focus today should be completing your Albert.io assignments.

Check back later today for a video I'll be posting about the updated expectations for this year's AP exam and how we'll be refocusing the rest of this course to adjust to that.

Wednesdsay, 3/25

01) Watch the video, "Half Life & Nuclear Power"

02) Complete the activity "APES Nuclear Power Activity" - Due Thursday 2:20pm

03) Complete the "Half Life & Nuclear Power" Assignment on Albert.io (12 questions) - Due Friday 3:00pm

Also, please don't forget that your Flipgrid assignment is due today at 2:20pm! That means that you must record your video responding to the article and a second response to another student.

And please don't put off your other Albert.io assignment on Nonrenewable energy. That one is doe on Friday and is 50 questions so don't put it off!

Tuesday, 3/24

Hi students,

So today there is only one new activity. That is a video going over the lecture for Nonrenewable Energy Sources. We went over this before in class but because it contains a lot of information that is crucial for the AP exam I am posting it again with some revisions. It also relates to your current Albert.io assignment (Due Friday 2:20pm) and should help you with many of those questions. It is pretty long at about 30 minutes so you might want to watch it in segments.

Most of the video lectures I'll record will be much shorter than this and only the big lectures for each unit will be this long. In addition to the video, I'm attaching a PDF of the updated Power Point from the video, which should be easier for you all to use and study from than the one I gave you earlier.

Also, keep an eye on the "Upcoming" box on the left for due dates. I already got the Resource Survey from most of you so thank you for that.

Note that the Flipgrid video activity is due tomorrow at 2:20. I still don't have any responses on that. If you are having trouble recording video please let me know and we'll work something out. Remember that you must post a video giving your response to the article AND a response to another student's video. I recommend that you take a minute and look over the grading rubric I posted for this activity here.


I miss you all and hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Please let me know if you have any questions at all.


Mr. Russell

Monday, 3/23

Hi students,

You'll see below your three assignments along with their due dates. This post is just to summarize them for you.

1. Book Resource Survey - Due Tuesday 2:20pm

2. Flipgrid Video Response to the Habitat Destruction & Coronavirus Article. Remember you need to record one video responding to the article and another responding to another students opinion. See the assignment page on Google Classroom for details. - Due Wednesday 2:20pm

3. Albert.io Assignment. Remember part of your grade is sending me one question from the assignment you would like for me to review in an upcoming video. - Due Friday 2:20pm


Latest Video: Half Life & Nuclear Power

Grading Policy

Topic 1: Ecology

01) Fundamentals of Ecology

02) Packet: Biogeochemical Cycles

--> Hydraulic (Water) Cycle
Article: The Largest River on Earth Is Invisible - and Airborne

--> Carbon Cycle & Climate Change

Web Resource: Greenhouse Gasses

Textbook: Chapter 19 - Climate Disruption Presentation

--> Intro to the Nitrogen Cycle

03) Terrestrial Biomes Worksheet

04) Aquatic Biomes
--> Lecture Notes
--> Worksheet

Amazon rainforest on fire: ‘Lungs of the world’ in flames l Nightline

The Largest River on Earth Is in the Sky