William Shakespeare, the most important author of all time!



Macbeth has gone crazy!  Now he is starting to take control of his own destiny and planning things that even his wife doesn't know about. Can you believe he killed his best friend??? Who does that?

While we are reading about this maniacal tyrant, we also need to think about the themes.  What can we learn? What is Shakespeare trying to teach us through the complex plot and the even more complex characters?

We have now finished Act 3.  Things are now in motion for Macbeth to become king.  How did a brave soldier dare to kill the king and take over the throne?  All thanks to his power-hungry wife!  How will he fare?  Will they have a happy ending or will it all end in tragedy?  We will find out as we continue to read. 

We will continue to explore the 4 major themes of this play.  We have to collect a TON of evidence to support our analysis.  From beginning to end, we will collect quotes and analyze them to support one of the following:  

1. The Cruelty of Women 

2. Masking True Intentions

3. Gaining and Maintaining Power

4. Fate vs. Self-Will



How will we put it all together?  How can we make strong connections and strong arguments?  It all depends on our analysis.

We will use all the "Hamburger" practice into writing an essay of our analysis.  The evidence is key. We have to make sure we have strong evidence, which would help with making our analysis strong.


The "Hamburger" paragraph is very important here.  We will expand on this to write an essay with several "hamburgers."



Wow!  We finished 3 books already! Romeo and Juliet was AMAZING!!!


Themes: -love, murder, life, death, happiness, sadness, problems between parents and children, the terrible hate between 2 great families. 

We have finished this tragic love story.  We have seen clips of Zefferelli's version of Romeo and Juliet and will now view the whole thing.  We will tell you in a movie review if you should watch this movie or not.  Please stay tuned. 






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