Welcome Back Seniors

  • Welcome to the College Office 2019-2020

    The College Office is open and ready to serve students! Please drop in to say hello and make an appointment for some one-one-one help.

    Seniors, Class of 2020

    Stop by soon  to make an appointment to register for the November or December SAT exam!

    Mr. Conway
  • SAT Score reports

    Students who took the SAT in March--your scores are available on the College Board website. Please come to College Office if you would like help setting up your College Board account!

    Mr. Conway
  • PSAT score reports

    Students who took the PSAT in March should have their results by now. Create a College Board account to see your scores online at the website.

    Mr. Conway
  • PSAT and SAT School Day Exams

    10th and 11th Graders--please see Mr. Conway in the College Office this week to get your Study Guide. The exam dates here at Liberty are: SAT, Wednesday, March 27, and PSAT, Thursday, March 28.

    Mr. Conway
  • HESC website cmmunications

    Students may receive emails from HESC (the TAP site) requesting documentation for various issues. Students it is YOUR responsibility to open, read, and respond to these emails. Failing to do so will mean your will not receive a TAP grant for college next year :(

    Mr. Conway
  • CUNY Assessment Tests

    Some students who applied to CUNY are already receiving emails from CUNY colleges inviting them to come in by appointment to take the CUNY Assessment Test (CAT) in English and/or math. If the school has already scheduled you, you must either show up for the appointment, or call the office (number in email) and re-schedule the test. I strongly suggest you go to the CUNY website and look at examples of the test so that you are somewhat prepared. This test is important because it may determine if you have to take remedial courses in English and math (and you want to avoid that!) 

    Mr. Conway
  • Check Email for CUNY First invitation!

    Seniors! Watch your email for an invitation to create a CUNY First account. This will allow you to check the status of your application online. In addition, you will use this CUNY First account for all of your dealings as a CUNY student for all of your years as a CUNY student. Yur "EMPL" number with this account is very important--like a CUNY Social Security number!

    Mr. Conway
  • FAFSA and TAP applications

    Seniors! How many more seniors can we get to submit their FAFSA and TAP applications before the holiday break?!? Make an appointment this week in the College Office!! So far this week four more students have submitted!

    Mr. Conway
  • Common Application Deadline

    The Common Application deadline is January 1, 2019. However, students please finish your apps by December 15th so that Mr. Conway can check your work before you submit! 

    Mr. Conway
  • FAFSA applications

    Seniors--it is time to begin working on your FAFSA applications. Please bring in or copy to your Drive your parent/guardian 2017 federal 1040 tax form and the IT-201 New York State Resident Income TAx form for 2017. Make an appointment in College Office for one-on-one help with the application. 

    Mr. Conway