In ESL 5, students will continue to practice interpersonal communication and academic language skills. By the end of the semester, our goal is for students to be more comfortable speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English. The theme for this class will center on minorities in United States History. While content covered in this course may complement what students will be learning in U.S. History and ESL 5, it may not always align. By the end of the semester, students will be prepared to enter English 6, a Regents-based class. Students will complete individual and group projects, written exams, and have multiple quizzes each marking period.

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Topics/Aims Covered:

1st Marking Period: Native Americans to “Americans”

2nd Marking Period: The Struggle of “Black” People

3rd Marking Period: Causes & Activism


  • Open School Night THIS Thursday!

    I'm looking forward to seeing my students and their guardians this Thursday at Liberty High School Academy for Newcomers at 4:30pm! 

    Ms. Abbasi
  • Last Parent-Teacher Conference Coming Up!

    We're back from Spring Break and wrapping up the second marking period. Look out for more grades posted on pupil path this week and weekend.

    Our last Parent-Teacher Conference is coming up next week on Thursday, May 9th. I look forward to seeing more parents and guardians!

    Ms. Abbasi
  • Wrapping Up the Year!

    Grades for the second marking period will be out soon. Parents or students are encouraged to email or visit me at the school with any questions. Report cards are an excellent opportunity for students to reflect on their progress in ESL 4 or English Seminar B. A low or failing grade is not meant to discourage, but to present students with an accurate picture of their work thus far. Students must take the initiative to bring up their grades.  

    Please see me if you need help! I am available after school on Tuesdays.



    Ms. Abbasi


    Ms. Abbasi
  • Report Cards

    Second marking period report cards have been distributed. It is important that all students continue to attend school until winter break so they do not lose valuable learning opportunities. It is important that students stay in school and avoid taking long holidays that don't correspond with our scheduled break. 

    All public schools in New York City will have winter break from December 25th through January 1st (including the prior weekend).

    As always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. You can email me at


    Ms. Abbasi
  • Parent Teacher Conferences!

    I am looking forward to seeing you all Thursday, November 9th, and Friday, November 10th! 

    Parents and guardians, if you aren't able to make it and would still like to discuss your student's progress in my class, you are welcome to get in touch. Email me at


    Ms. Abbasi
  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome to ESL 2 or Exploring Literature 5. 

    Please email me with any questions about my class: 


    Ms. Abbasi